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The grey zone is a real thing when it comes to cannabis marketing. The industry is evolving every single day and marketers are left with the challenge of learning on the go while testing and guessing different strategies.

Educational material seems to be the most black and white strategy to date. It is an important pillar, and one that has proven to work for many cannabis companies.

One example is Eaze – an online marketplace for legal cannabis through safe and convenient delivery. Through video content, they explain how their platform works with research and data to back up all their claims. They also have a blog that elevates the shopping experience for users.

Another example is Tokyo Smoke. They have created a series of videos that act as tutorials to show you how to use their product. They do not outwardly advocate for the buying of their product, but show how to use it properly and what you can expect as consumers. This is a great way to showcase the brand in real life.

Many people are trying cannabis for the first time, or at least different forms now that recreational use is legalized, therefore educational videos provide a great way to ease consumers into purchasing. As they purchase more, they will need to learn about consumption preferences, allowing videos as a platform to provide a quick and enjoyable way to get answers.

Another example is with The Green Organic Dutchman. If you take a look at their blog, there is articles about how to look for expiry dates on cannabis, or ways to prevent getting sick. There are also “info 101” posts where they choose a topic and give readers the complete lowdown on it. A great way to bypass traditional media to meet consumers where they need information. Even Colorado’s The Green Solution is similar, with a “Discover & Learn” section on the home page of their site to guide consumers through their cannabis experience.

Education is a great way to build that trust with people who are unfamiliar with brands. Muskoka Grown, a craft cannabis producer, has opened a community hub that will act as a place for consumers to learn the basics about cannabis and responsible use. It’s a physical storefront in the heart of Muskoka – endearing to the community where they are from. The way they described it was by being “good corporate citizens.”

This is a great way for companies to market their product as regulations remain strict compared to the U.S. who have bigger budgets and executives who have already established big brands like Victoria’s Secret and Home Depot. Creative workarounds are needed, and educational videos are a great tactic until regulations catch up with the times.

Educational Cannabis Marketing
Article Name
Educational Cannabis Marketing
A major theme within cannabis legalization is education of consumers. Licensed producers and retailers are looking to guide consumers unfamiliar with cannabis with educational material rather than promotional.

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